Our Professional Approach

Hands-On Parenting provides children and parents with a safe and effective way to repair family relationships – whether court ordered or by personal decision.

Hands-On Parenting is relied upon by Custodial Parents, Courts, Guardian ad Litems, as well as, Social Service agencies to see that children:

We do this through a clinical approach to Supervised Child Visitations and our "Hands-On Parenting" skills program. Our supervision, instruction, and coaching will give parents the skills and tools they need to become the parent their child needs.

Once contacted by the Court, Guardian or parent, Hands-On Parenting's involvement begins with assessing the situation and developing a plan of action. Our process has proven effective over many years of experience. The process includes:

Case Studies

The best way to learn about Hands-On Parenting and our methods is actual case histories. Visit our Case Studies page for examples of how we helped reunite parents with their children.

Rules of Conduct

Hands-On Parenting requires Visitation Supervisors and Parents to agree to and follow certain rules. These assure that the objectives of each visit can be met. The rules, terms, and conditions for supervised visits are based upon psychological principles that are directed toward the best interest of the child. These are detailed in our Parent-Child Supervised Visitation Guidelines, and include:

  1. The visitation supervisor will monitor conditions to assure the safety and welfare of the child at all times.
  2. The visitation supervisor will enforce the frequency and duration of the visits as ordered by the court or as agreed to by both parents.
  3. The supervisor will seek input from the child as to the visit locations and/or activities.
  4. All contact between the child and the supervised parent shall be within the supervisor’s hearing and sight at all times. There shall be no whispered conversations with the child.
  5. There shall be no spanking, hitting, or threatening the child.
  6. The supervisor will avoid taking sides with either party.
  7. There shall be no derogatory comments about either parent, either parent’s family, the child's caretaker, the child, or the child's sibling(s).
  8. There shall be no discussion about the court case or possible future outcomes or custody/visitation arrangements.
  9. Neither the supervisor nor the child shall be used to gather information about the other parent or caretaker or to transmit documents, information or personal possessions.
  10. There shall be no visit at all if the supervised parent appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  11. There shall be no emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.


Visitation supervisors will contact the Department of Human Services, child protective division, if the supervisor has good reason to believe any instance of child abuse has occurred or any mental suffering is or has been inflicted upon the child, or if the child’s emotional or physical well-being is or has been endangered.

Privacy & Confidentiality

All information and records regarding each case are to be held in the strictest of confidentiality at all times. Records from either the Hands-on Parenting and/or Supervised Visitation can only be obtained through a court order or subpoena.