Robert Toporek, Author of the NEW book Hands-on Parenting

Robert Toporek, Author of the NEW book Hands-on Parenting

Robert Toporek, an Advanced Certified
Rolf Practitioner

In 1975, Robert began a four year journey studying Rolfing directly with Dr. Ida P. Rolf and her son Dick Demmerle. In 1978, Dr. Rolf chose Robert to implement and manage a project to demonstrate and document the benefits of Rolfing for babies and children. Since then, Robert has continued to expand this work.

This breakthrough guide to child and baby massage explains how a child's vitality, self-confidence, behavior, and overall development may be greatly enhanced by a few minutes of gentle massage by a parent on a regular basis. Here, easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations provide simple techniques for massaging babies, toddlers, and young children.

Robert Toporek with Dr Rolf Shira, 1978

Robert Toporek with Dr Rolf Shira, 1978


My purpose in writing Hands-On Parenting is to provide a guide to massage for happier, healthier, smarter kids and to expand our Hands-on Parenting workshops, seminars, videos, and any effort toward making a difference.

This book is full of knowledge, much of which is common sense but rarely common practice. My dream is for this knowledge of this touch to reach every child no matter their economic or social circumstances or place of residence. It is important for every child—especially for children living in orphanages, homeless shelters, pockets of poverty, war-torn areas, and those facing developmental challenges—to benefit from the knowledge in this book and our programs.

I initially wrote this book because Buz Teacher of Running Press asked me to, and knowing I couldn’t say no, I said yes. Since then I have learned so much more about the power and importance of raising happier, healthier, and smarter kids. I could not let this knowledge go untapped. Thank you, Buz.

I have no degrees in early childhood development, medicine, or massage. However, this book is based on my hands-on experience of working with babies, children, and their families since 1966.
— Robert Toporek

Massage for children is an ongoing experience and every day brings a new beginning.

Are you ready to experience the endless benefits of massage?

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